Is your job getting you down?  Are you concerned about a daunting job search? Don’t worry!  You CAN…

BE The ONE – The Absolute Best Candidate for a Job You’ll LOVE!

Hi, I’m Jonathan Flaks and I’m excited to share with you the NEXT two steps to being the absolute ONE best candidate for the job you’ll love.

Overworked and demeaned?

You see, I know it’s frustrating to be in a job where you’re underappreciated and overworked and it’s downright daunting and demeaning to be out of work for longer than you had wanted. I had plenty of my own ups and downs in the 12 years prior to becoming a coach, but I was always able to get hired within 3 months of searching for a new job.  

I’ve been a career coach since 1998 and I’m one of the first 500 coaches in a sea of 50,000 coaches to become a Master Certified Coach.  More importantly, I have worked with hundreds of people in your shoes. I’ve seen what works and I know what doesn’t.  It really takes a razor sharp strategy to compete for the best jobs and be the one chosen above the rest.

For example, a client of mine, Michelle Spiniello, a project manager for Mercer/Sirota said, “I took your coaching advice, revamped my resume, and stuck to looking for companies within the parameters that we talked about and I found a really great job”  Another client, Jon Kinderlerer, Managing Director with Credit Suisse, adds, “Jonathan was instrumental in helping me get to the next stage of my career.”

I have many more testimonials here   I’m sure you’ve seen coaches with testimonials, before. In fact, I’ve seen what you’ve seen on the Internet, maybe even today as you’ve been searching for some help –  dozens of web sites with career coaches, resume services, tips on networking and interviewing. There are opinions and sources of information, maybe too many, making it nearly impossible to know where to start and how to sort out the worthwhile resources that are a waste of time from those.

Be the chosen one

I have organized a process that has worked successfully for over 18 years, and as someone deeply committed to outstanding career satisfaction and success for people like you, I’m thrilled to offer the first steps FREE for you to become the ONE ABSOLUTE BEST CANDIDATE for the job you’ll love. Take two steps… If you are trying to land your next job OR just position yourself for that well-deserved promotion, you’ll want to start with these first two steps.  Just click on the link below and follow the instructions and you’ll have these two really important elements to get you going in the right direction:

1.A 90-second self assessment that will help you get clear on your values, passions and talents – so you can adjust your career path to correlate with a job market need in a way that’s deeply fulfilling and  exciting to you.  In that new great job, you’ll be the one saying, “Thank God it’s Monday” and then jumping out of bed every day excited to get to work.

2. An exercise that will uncover what your best accomplishments are, as evidence of your greatest strengths, so YOU CAN SPEAK CONFIDENTLY about how you would provide unique value to the employer of your dreams.  This element is CRITICAL to networking, crafting outstanding resumes and nailing interviews.  Most of my clients are delighted to find hidden gems in this important category.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

I have other ways of making sure you don’t have to go it alone during this next transition and one of the most important decisions of your life. You owe it to yourself to take the path one step at a time to secure your next job that will be as fulfilling as you are willing to dream.